Friday, December 5, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite (Christmas) Things

We finally got our tree up and decorated on Wednesday night. I love getting all the ornaments out and hearing the kids say, "ooh! I remember this one!" or "this one is yours, Dylan" or "This is a weird ornament Mom, it must be yours."

I thought it might be fun to post a few of my favorite ornaments from our very ecclectic Christmas ornament collection.

First and foremost, my absolute FAVORITE ornament is my Commander Riker ornament. My friend Sheryl in North Carolina got this for me many years ago. I love and adore it. If you don't know who Commander Riker is, well then I just don't even know why we are friends.

We've had this for a year or two. I LOVE the abomidable snow monster! No Christmas would be complete without him.

R2D2 on the Christmas tree. This is one of Dylan's favorites. We like our space shows around here :)

OK, this is one of those that the kids (and probably Matt) think is weird. It's a pig in a car. I like it. Deal with it, family.

An M&M (Matt's favorite, due to his initials) dressed as General Grievous from Star Wars. Too funny not to buy last year!

Zack's great uncle Don Smith carved this Santa by hand. I somehow got away with TWO of them, and I love them both! Completely original and amazing. I can only dream of having talent like that! We've had this ornament for at least 10 years and I hope to pass it on to Zack.

I just giggled when I saw this ornament - I had to have it! A reindeer mom baking cookies. It's me! Only I never remember to wear an apron, and usually end up with flour all over my shirt.

Another one of my favorites. This is very sparkly and catches the light really well. Santa with wings. I don't know why he has wings, but I like it anyway!

I bought this one several years ago because the boy here looks just like Zack. It has broken in about 3 places, but I just keep on gluing it back together. Sentimental old me! Don't you think it looks like Zack, though?

I wish these photographed better. They are really beautiful and sparkly! I have them all over my tree and I LOVE them. They are very elegant and go really well with all the Star Wars ornaments we have (insert sarcasm here).

Another M&M - this time as Bobba Fett. May the force be with you. And you. And you.

Zachary hanging an ornament on the tree.

The Grinch! The kids love this one. We actually got this one from a Wendy's with a kids meal (can you believe it??) several years back. When you squeeze him, his heart is supposed to light up. I am SO sad to report that when we took him out this year, his heart no longer lights up. Booooo! I am sure we'll keep him though.

Dylan placing ornaments on the tree.

Let the Christmas festivities begin!!


Cammie said...

Hello from SITS!! Love your ornaments....did the same thing a few posts back with my tree!
Merry Christmas!

Valerie said...

Love the ornaments. Thanks for sharing!
However, I am sad to report that I am one person you don't know why you are friends with me! Your sci-fi addiction (I'm assuming that guy is from Star Trek?) is something you gained after high school OR you kept this a very well hidden secret from your BF!
I am happy to report I can look past your sci-fiyness and still call you my friend. Please forgive me for not knowing the guy hanging on your tree! :)

Kathi said...

Pretty tree. I LOVE Christmas and all the activities that come with it.